DUTCH Test + Private Consultation

Get your sex, sleep, and stress hormones tested in a convenient at home kit. Ideal for women struggling with low sex drive, weight, fatigue, irregular cycles, hot flashes, trouble sleeping, infertility, PCOS, considering hormone replacement therapy and more!! 

What you'll get:

  • DUTCH test delivered to your front door 
  • Private email consultation with me to review results and ask related health questions
  • Personalized supplement prescription and schedule  
  • Access to your lab results and a functional medicine breakdown PDF detailing what everything means and what you can do about it!


  1. What kind of sample is it? 4-5 urine samples 
  2. Can I do this test if I am on birth control or hormones? Yes! It will still provide valuable information. 
  3. How long to get my results back? After your samples are at the lab, it typically takes a week or less. 
  4. Will you personally be reviewing my results and discussing with me. Yes! 
  5. What if I don't live in Florida? That's fine! Our review will be via email and the test kit will be shipped to your house unless you live in one of the 3 states listed below. 

***NOT available in Maryland, New York, and Rhode Island. Do not purchase this if you live in one of those states 


$599.00 USD