Unlock Your Full Potential

For Motivated Individuals Eager to Optimize Health, Boost Energy, and Extend Life

Who is a typical Performance Client? 

  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, or highly motivated individuals looking to optimize all facets of their health 
  • Have a desire to increase energy, improve sleep, and hit an ideal body composition 
  • Clients are interested in using the best technology medicine has to offer including MRIs and wearable monitoring
  • Want to have a streamlined plan of action which may include consulting with their personal trainer, nutritionist, etc. 
  • Ready to invest time and resources into a program that will add years onto their lives 
  • Fans of Bryan Johnson and want access to the same testing he uses to monitor his aging process 

Typical Testing Regimen


What does being a Performance Client include? 

  • All performance testing, most of which can be completed from the comfort of your home 
  • 24/7 secured texting with me for all your health concerns 
  • Skin care consultation
  • Private consultations to review your results via email, zoom, or in office appointments 
  • Review of historic lab results from the past year from other providers 
  • Personalized nutrition guidance and macronutrient consultations to reach an ideal body composition


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