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Trouble losing weight? Can't sleep? Struggling to focus? If you are interested in optimizing your health to feel energized every single day and even live longer, you have come to the right place.

Healthi with Hannah is a concierge medical practice backed by years of functional and conventional clinical experience. Led by Hannah Newman, PA-C, and Dr. Jaimie Mickey, MD, working together to get your health back on track. 

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How it works

First, Early Disease Detection

Let's start with novel lab testing that your doctor is not offering. Actually, no one in the world offers the advanced package of testing I have put together that can truly be labeled as preventive medicine because it is so comprehensive. 

Next, Lifestyle Decoding

I will dive deep into your personal deficiencies and macronutrient profiles. Are you eating anti-cancer foods? Do you know what anti-cancer foods are? Not only food, I will explore your optimal workout, sleep, and stress protocol. 

Finally, Live Longer

We will optimize your life to live disease free through every facet of your health. You will know your risk for disease like cancer and heart attack. You will know how fast you are aging. You can have peace of mind that you completed your health prevention profile. 

What my clients are saying

Mary D.

28 yrs old

"Hannah is the only person I’ve felt that has listened to me when I’ve said something is wrong. She genuinely cares and wants to find the root cause of problems rather than treat symptoms. Following her advice has given me more energy, more confident and a better sense of self!” 

Venu R. 

35 yrs old

"As VP of Strategy & Development of my company, I can't afford to be anything less than optimal with my health. This stuff is cutting-edge! The package of testing Hannah has put together is impressive and it's so convenient having it all with one provider. I can't believe the things I can test with my membership." 

Karen H. 

62 yrs old

"I've been working with Hannah for 6 months now and in those 6 months she's checked me for cancers, checked my heart attack risk, and has me set up for a MRI! That's more than my regular doctor has done in over 5 years. The insight I've gotten into my aging process and risk for cancer is invaluable." 

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More benefits of my memberships 


  • Hours of trending health topics content
  • Smart watch and other wearables integration
  • Access to AI backed platform and app
  • Stats tracking such as HRV and VO2 
  • Secured lab results
  • Ongoing accountability

PLUS Personalized Macronutrient Tracking, Recipes, Grocery Lists and More



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Welcome to your Concierge Longevity Clinic